We empower the service staff and clinicians to work smarter and provide better patient care

Creating coherent hospital experiences through digitisation

We make coordination and communication of service tasks more efficient

Columna Flow makes hospital service teams more efficient through:

  • Real-time location tracking of service staff, tasks and priority
  • Just-in-time logistics enabling timely work and patient flows
  • Easy access via smartphone, computers and overview screens

Order service tasks with a few clicks

In hospitals today, nurses order service tasks such as patient transports and mobilisation by calling porters who then have to pause their work to write down the task by hand.

With Columna Flow, nurses order service tasks with a few clicks and a little typing. No need to waste time calling around or interrupt porters in their work.


Streamline all tasks in one system

Porters, service supervisors and clinicians have easy access to a full list of service tasks through computers, smartphones and overview screens. 

The task list shows the status, priority and location of a task. Where is it, and is it urgent, booked by an orderly, already in progress or done?

Nurses do not have to do follow-up calls to porters to find out how a task is progressing. They can track it in real time. 


Work smarter with "Uber" for porters

Porters receive service tasks from nurses continuously on their smartphones. 

The system allows them to scan their location for nearby tasks – like "Uber". This helps them accomplish more with the same or fewer footsteps and never walk empty-handed.

When delivering a patient to a ward, they might as well bring a patient on their way back. This saves valuable time.


Locate porters in real time

Porters can track their colleagues in the system. This makes it easy to get assistance from a colleague nearby during peak periods or for tasks that require more than one porter such as heavy patient mobilisations.

All service activities are documented digitally

Full digital transparency, full digital documentation 

We offer hospital management a strong analytical reporting tool 

Columna Flow documents all service tasks from patient transports to mobilisation. This has a number of benefits. 

It empowers service managers to balance the service demand with the resources available across teams and departments.

It also provides hospital management with detailed reporting for business insights, KPI and performance measurements. In addition, data on service activities points to areas for future optimisations.


Better distribution of service tasks

With full documentation and overview of service tasks, it is easier to predict the staff resources it takes to perform them. Our system helps service managers to:

  • distribute tasks evenly among porters
  • reduce waiting time
  • adjust for peak periods
  • make duty rosters
The system ensures smoother transition from work shift to work shift. All service tasks are easily accessed in the system. No need to waste time explaining them to your coworkers.
Systematic - Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Easy access to reporting and business insights

Columna Flow allows hospitals to generate and analyse information about its service operation.

"It has provided us with a tool to provide information to Management. It certainly creates an awareness of what we actually do and the resources it requires. Also, we now have evidence on how we are meeting our KPIs”

– Catherine Buick, Director for Operational Support Services, Sunshine Coast University Hospital

When service tasks are performed efficiently, it benefits all hospital users – including patients

Digitising hospital service and logistics creates 

A positive ripple effect throughout the hospital 

Columna Flow frees up time for all hospital employees to provide the best possible care for patients.


Reduce human errors, increase patient safety

Columna Flow reduces the risk of communication errors and typing mistakes.

Digital communication avoids the scenario where nurses say the wrong patient ID, or porters write the wrong ID or forget to write down a task.

This means that patients can rest assured that they will only go where they are supposed to go and that they will not be forgotten. Everything is in the system. 

66 % decrease in communication errors
Aalborg University Hospital in Denmark experienced a decrease in communication errors after implementing our digital solution.


Fewer delays means better flow for doctors, nurses and patients

Columna Flow allows porters to respond to service tasks faster. The time from ordering a task to task completion will be shorter.

This reduces delays in patient transports which means optimised workflows for nurses and doctors.

It also gives a better patient flow and better patient information such as who will pick them up and when.


Greater influence on their everyday work

Columna Flow empowers porters by allowing them to work independently and influence their own work.

Instead of waiting for orders from a nurse, service supervisors or central dispatchers, porters can themselves book tasks that fit their schedule and location. This increases their flow and their sense of ownership of their job.

Communicating digitally also means that porters will not be interrupted in their work by phone calls from nurses. Instead, they get to focus on being present and attentive to patients when transporting or mobilising them.

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